The Greatest Cause of Project Schedule Failure Is
Its Application by Non-believers


This is a scheduler who was improperly trained. Probably work mostly with Project Management staffs who were basically non-believers and made it clear that the schedule was being produced only to satisfy the contract provisions and to get paid.


Often, but certainly not always, these are seasoned field professionals who got to their positions by climbing the company job position ladder. They don't understand what CPM is all about and have no time or patience to learn. They have never seriously even tried to use a schedule on one of their projects, and now is not a good time to start.


They have probably seen a report from a schedule, never really used it and want nothing to do with it. Hell, we change our plan every week, maybe every day. That schedule is never right or up to date. It just causes confusion and uses the time I could spend on planning tomorrow.

The scheduler, the project management team and the field management team all


Their Company Needs to Make this Part of their Job!